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How to make Online Payments & Donations to FoMA

This page is for all kinds of online payments to FoMA. Here, using your credit- or debit-card or your personal PayPal account, you may
      • make donations
      • pay for purchases or reservations for FoMA events, or
      • pay for multiple transactions with a single payment.

Online Credit & Debit-Card Payments
Payments by Personal PayPal Accounts

Payment amounts are quoted in GB Pounds, but will be billed to your credit or debit card in your own currency.
(Refer to the currency converter at the end of this page for an approximate indication of what your payment will be in your own currency.)

Please note that a surcharge of £1 (approximately equivalent to €1.20 / $1.50 ) is added to all PayPal payments to cover the associated administrative costs of this service.


Simply click on the appropriate orange "Donate" button at the bottom of this page, then follow the four steps below:
Please note: the "donate" label on this button is PayPal's generic button label; no donation is required if you want to make a payment for membership renewals, orders, event reservations, etc.

  1. Enter the amount to be paid in the PayPal "Donation" window
  2. Log in (or set up a PayPal account)
  3. When payment review window opens, click on the link, "Add special instructions to the seller"
  4. In the box that opens below the "Add special instructions" link, write in the purpose for your payment (including itemizations to avoid any ambiguity). You may also enter here the purpose of a donation or the person in whose memory or honor your donation is being made. --
    for example:
    • Pilgrim's Guide (1 copy plus postage)
    • Christmas card 1 (1 pack) = GBP 12 plus christmas card 2 (1 pack) = GBP 8 plus Postage = GBP4; Total payment: GBP 24
    • Reservations for [year] AGM (1 lunch, 2 entrance tickets)
    • Pilgrimage Reservations (2 adults)
    • Donations (personal or memorial donations, responses to FoMA Appeals, etc. For memorial donations, as mentioned above, you may want to indicate the person in whose memory the donation is given)
  5. After completing your online payment, if you filled out an order form to get to this page, close this window (which will return you to that order form) and submit your order form using the "send" button at the bottom of the order form.
Payments from the Americas
Payments from the Rest of the World

Currency Converter:

Header Image: View of the Holy Mountain from a balcony at Stavronikita Monastery, with elements of the katholikon in the foreground.
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