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FoMA Members Banner Photograph Contest
An Invitation

Our Invitation to our Members:
As you peruse FoMA's website, you will notice that the headers (banners) in some sections of our web site have distinctive, thematic images (FoMA Home, Athos Footpaths, Pilgrim's Guide), while other sections simply repeat the image on our home page (as you see at the top of this page). We are looking for distinctive, thematic images (of or related to Mt. Athos) for banner images for the following sections of the web site:

Events FoMA Appeals  
Books Membership Contact
Do you have an digital image of or about Mt. Athos that might symbolically/thematically represent one of those sections that you would like to submit for possible selection for the web site? If so, send us your images as email attachments and in your email note please include the following:
  • a title or identification of the content of the image
  • some information about how you happened to take the image
  • a note authorizing FoMA to publish the image on the FoMA website
  • your full name together with titles or other info that we can include in the photo credits.
Please note the peculiar shape of these images -- they are all 808 pixels wide x 300 pixels high, but of course, we can crop an image to the right proportions, as long as a section of your image that would work for that purpose. The winning images will become header images in the web site; we will credit the image to the photographer and provide some information about the image in the credits.

This is an unusual contest in one sense: each of the winning six photographs will be selected, in part, on the basis of our ability to generate from it a banner image that meets two very particular requirements -- an image that is

  1. in the peculiar format required for the web page headers -- 808 pixels wide by 300 pixels high
  2. symbolically or thematically representative of the content of one of the above sections.
Here is an example:
I recall seeing, many years ago when they were beginning to run telephone lines on Mt. Athos, a wonderful photo of those tall poles with their slender wires running across the Athonite landscape. I have tried without success to find that image to use as a header image for our Contact section, where its content is symbolically appropriate to the content of that section. Of course, even if I were to find it, FoMA can't violate the copyright of the photographer by publishing images without permission, and sometimes it is no longer possible to identify and find the original photographer. So we are looking for images from our own members.