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The Footpaths of
Mount Athos

The Footpaths of Mount Athos: From the Skete of Agios Dimitrios to Vatopedi

Distance: 2.4 km       Journey Time: ¾ hour       Version 1.0.1

At the beginning this pleasant journey descends through forest, following historic kalderimi and the courses of streams. It then passes through the gardens and orchards of Vatopedi Monastery.

Note: All distances given (in metres) should be taken as approximate. The route described is liable to unpredictable change: for example, forestry work, road or track construction and plant growth may alter the route, or its appearance. Signposts may disappear or new ones appear. The Friends of Mount Athos strives to keep this description correct and up to date but cannot take responsibility for its accuracy.

Abbreviations: L = Left;      R = Right;      KSO = Keep straight on;
FP = Footpath; K = Kalderimi (stone-paved FP or mule track)
Description of Route:
Walk (m) And then . . .
0 Leave gate of the abandoned Skete of Agios Dimitrios. Descend on K and cross stream. FP (K) then ascends and bends L.
360 Arrive at Kellion Genniseos Theotokou. KSO on descending FP parallel to fence. FP follows couse of stream
920 FP emerges at track. Turn R along track parallel to river bank.
260 At junction, KSO.
80 Turn L onto FP.
120 FP emerges at track. Turn R along track with orchard on R.
After end of orchard, bear R at fork, uphill, with stone wall on R. Vatopedi Monastery soon visible ahead.
560 Track joins from L and K road joins from R just before covered well on R. KSO.
100 Arrive at the gate of Vatopedi Monastery.

This information is produced and maintained by The Friends of Mount Athos, a charitable organisation which, among other activities, works with monasteries to keep footpaths on the Holy Mountain, open.

The condition and signing of paths and tracks on the Holy Mountain are subject to continual change. The Friends of Mount Athos strive to keep this information correct and up to date but cannot take responsibility for its accuracy.

Copies of footpath descriptions are available, free, from the Friends website, and in a number of places on or associated with the Holy Mountain.