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About FOMA

The Society of the Friends of Mount Athos is dedicated to the study and promotion of the history, culture, arts, architecture, natural history, and literature of the Orthodox monasteries of Mount Athos. It also seeks to promote the religious and other charitable work of the Holy Community and the monasteries, both those located on Mount Athos, and those elsewhere which are dependent or connected in some way with Mount Athos.

FOMA also acts as a group of friends and supporters of Mount Athos. In consultation with the monastic authorities, we aim to provide them with assistance where it is practicable and needed.


Latest Appeal

FOMA invites you to support its new appeal on behalf of the historic Axion Estin Cell on the Holy Mountain.

The first phase of work (completed in 2020) involved the reconstruction of the Workers’ House which the fathers now live in while the main building of the cell is being restored. We are proud that you, our members, played such a significant part in making this possible.

Phase II will focus on constructing a new building to contain a kitchen, refectory and pilgrim accommodation – detailed architectural and engineering plans have been completed and approval has been received from the Centre for the Preservation of Mount Athos Heritage (KEDAK).

News & Events

Discover more about our  organisation! We are an active community with a wide array of exciting events happening year-round, ranging from enriching pilgrimages to engaging conferences. Stay informed about all our activities by exploring the latest updates available here.