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FoMA aims above all to be a society of friends, united in their interest in the many-sided spiritual, historical, cultural, and ecological significance of Mount Athos.


Membership is an excellent way to get involved in all that the FoMA does. As a member you can, for example, provide support for the restoration or conservation of buildings or help preserve works of art and books of educational or religious significance on Mount Athos.


There are many ways in which members can help to preserve the beauty of Mount Athos and its unique spiritual legacy and purpose, e.g. by fundraising to preserve the unique architecture of the Holy Mountain, by attending the society’s scholarly conferences or by participating in the annual path-clearing expedition.

The Friends of Mount Athos is a registered charity in the UK. UK citizens are strongly encouraged to consider Gift Aid payments via Banker’s Order.

Benefits of Membership

Members of FoMA receive an annual illustrated report, invitation to various occasions throughout the year – notably, a meeting in London with a speaker; a New Year Vasilopita party; a day conference with speakers at the AGM in Oxford; & the biennial residential conference at Madingley Hall in Cambridge.

The most practical  advantage is that joining members receive a free copy of the Pilgrim’s Guide to Mount Athos. This provides helpful advice on how to obtain a permit for entry to the Holy Mountain and how to plan a visit.

Membership Options and Fees' Explained

Membership Options

Options & Fees:

Membership of FoMA is open to men and women of all nationalities. Enrolment as a member can be managed through an annual subscription or by a single payment for life membership. Membership may also be assigned to an individual or a recognised institution. Reductions in the cost of membership are offered for students and for pensioners over the age of 65. To join online as a new member or to renew your subscription as an existing member, select the appropriate options and follow the payment instructions.

Gift Aid:

The Friends of Mount Athos is a registered charity in the UK. UK citizens are encouraged to make payments via Standing Order Standing Order Form and to please consider the benefits of Gift Aid to the Society (Gift Aid Form).

The Mount Athos Foundation of America (MAFA) was founded by a group of American members of The Friends of Mount Athos (FoMA)  and is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) U.S. charity, meaning that donations made to MAFA are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by U.S. tax law. 

Subscription Rates:

Subscription rates are set in British pounds sterling. Subscriptions are also accepted in Euros and US dollars but may be adjusted from time to time as exchange rates vary. The rates quoted on these pages will take precedence over rates quoted in printed FoMA documents.

The annual subscription is renewable on 1 January. If membership is initiated between October and December, the first annual subscription also covers the following year.

Any amounts received which exceed the specified membership rate will be treated as general donations to the Friends of Mount Athos unless they are explicitly identified for a current appeal or project.

Payment and Confirmation:

Credit card payments or payment through paypal accounts can be made directly on this website. Once your payment has been processed your membership details will be confirmed by email and sent to you. Payments may be accepted in £UK, Euros and $US only. Online payments are much preferred as this assists easier record keeping. Residents of the UK who prefer to pay by cheque can do this by completing the membership application form and sending it with a cheque payable to The Friends of Mount Athos for your chosen form of membership direct to the FOMA Secretary, The Stables, 58 Manor Road, Woodstock, OX20 1XJ, UK. US residents who wish to pay by cheque should complete the membership application form and send it together with the cheque payable to Mount Athos Foundation of the Americas to Roger McHaney, Treasurer, The Friends of Mt. Athos in the Americas, 17733 E M 134, De Tour Village, MI 49725, USA.

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