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Before you make your plans…

If you are considering a visit, take careful note of the following facts. Strictly, only men are permitted to visit Mount Athos (there are no exceptions to this rule). The number of visitors permitted on the Holy Mountain at any time is tightly restricted and all visitors are, by definition, pilgrims. Whatever your reason for visiting them, the monks will welcome you as a pilgrim.

The prices listed on this page come from a variety of sources and are subject to change. Please consider them an approximation and plan accordingly.

Orthodox Students
Orthodox Regular
Non-Orthodox Students
Non-Orthodox Regular

Thessaloniki city bus (OASTh)

City center to KTEL Chalkidikis station, price 1 day ahead
City center to KTEL Chalkidikis station, price on the bus
Taxi, Thessaloniki to Ierissos
Fare is shared among passengers
Ierrisos to Ouranoupolis by KTEL bus
Price on the bus
Ierrisos to Ouranoupolis by taxi
Fare is shared among passengers
Thessaloniki to Ouranoupolis by KTEL bus
Buy from KTEL-Chalkidikis station on day or 1 day ahead

Ferryboat Ouranoupolis to Daphni

1-way ticket
Boat (karavi) Ierissos to destination
Fare depends on destination. Eg: to Vatopedi

Speedboat (Mikra Agia Anna) Ierrisos to Megisti Lavra & destinations between

Fare depends on destination
Mt Athos bus
Daphni to Karyes

Speedboat Mikra Agia Anna

1 way, Daphni to Ouranoupolis or reverse
Taxi boat
1-way, Daphni to Ouranoupolis. Fare divided among passengers (12 max)
Mt Athos Minibus
You can help us and your fellow travellers by advising us if you find that schedules or costs have changed. We appreciate your efforts to help keep this information current.

Climbing the peak of Mount Athos can be a physically exhilarating and spiritually uplifting experience but it is not a walk in the park, so it is worth making careful preparations. The mountain is a holy mountain and deserves our respect. It is not advisable to attempt the ascent alone.

Athos is 2,033 metres (6,670 feet) high, so whatever the temperature at sea level, it will be degrees colder at the summit. Winter snow lasts from November into May, wind and rain can be a hazard at any season, and there is often low cloud on the upper slopes.